What is the best age to learn guitar?

What is the best age to learn guitar?

What is the best age to learn guitar?

“Guitar is the best form of self-expression I know. Everything else, I am just tripping around, trying to figure my way through life.”

Does learning to play guitar change us in some way?

Well, Absolutely..!!

Research says that – learning the art of playing chords, strumming and reading music effects our brain very positively. It surely enhances our social side, improves our concentration and gives us a big dose of self confidence. It can be a wonderful stress booster as well as a great outlet of our creativity.

The most common question that arises in our mind is – At what age should we start.

Learning guitar can be sometimes tricky and difficult if the person is really young. The person should be able to understand the techniques which are used in guitar. So, the minimum age to start learning the guitar should be around 8-9 years old. The kids at this age can understand as well as play the techniques such as coordinating their both hands, pressing or plucking the strings at the required time or even reading the music sheet.

Now if we talk about the kids who are younger than 8 years old, the act of holding down a chord and strumming can be a really challenging task for them because they have poor fine motor skills and fledgling cognitive skills. There are guitars available which are small in size with nylon strings for younger ones. But it takes too long for them to understand the techniques that they get discouraged and give up lessons. The best option for young guitar lovers will be ukulele. Ukulele is very similar to guitar in playing but much simpler than guitar which makes it a lot easier for them to play and have fun.

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